Information technology (IT) is one of the most important aspects of the entire business world, including small and medium enterprises and even freelancer employees. Information technology has created different areas. Numerous experts and consultants have started to work in all areas. The main ones in these areas are;

• Microsoft Server Systems

• Linux Server Systems

• Network Systems

• Backup Systems

• Security Systems

• Cloud Technologies

• ERP, CRM, automation etc. Software

• Web Applications

There are numerous products in the areas mentioned and numerous companies that provide services related to these products. Companies that do not have information technology are either unknowingly doing their jobs with classical methods or they lose time, labor and therefore money to find companies that will provide products and/or services to meet their needs.

BT Konsept consultants analyze your information technology infrastructure, software needs, and backup and security systems. As a result of the analysis, considering the growth targets of your company, we plan the correct infrastructure and upper structure and determine your software needs. We also evaluate and report the elements of continuity and safety of the systems. If you want to benefit from our consulting services, just contact us.