Yasin Aktaş
February 27 2016

Social Media 2018

According to his research conducted in 2018 by one of the easiest video application software to use, Filmora, the ratio of video use in social media has been investigated. According to the research, when we consider the speed of technology and spreading speed of technology, we can see that the rate of video usage will increase in 2018 compared to previous years.

Video usage will be increasing. Investments in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat will continue without a break. In addition to this, there is also an increase in streaming video. Considering that Facebook live streaming videos are being watched for a lot longer than other videos, we can better analyze the increasing use of video in social media.

Story sharing features will be further enhanced with Whatsapp and Facebook Story sharing features. Let us also announce that other social media actors have already started to work for similar features to be inspired by Snapchat. With the announcement of the story sharing features of these actors, the video sharing rate will increase and will be used more effectively.

In addition, recently, very frequently used mention feature (tagging) has taken place among the marketing strategies of brands. You have all noticed that the marketing world has started to use this feature for its own purposes in order to promote brands to more users.

We see that many applications used in the desktop world take their place in the Apple Store, Google Play and Microsoft Stores with their own special applications in the mobile environment. In fact, according to research, use of smartphones and tablets, the ratio of use over the table, and this ratio seem to increase day by day. In parallel with this increase, the use of smart devices will continue to increase.

WhatsApp, which never leaves the flag in the social world's messaging race, followed by Messenger be WeChat.

If you look at the above predictions and information, the use of social media, especially smart devices, seems to increase gradually. We expect your predictions.