In enterprise companies, shared space is created by system administrators so that users can access their files and folders from a common location.A company employee; in accordance with the authority granted to it, can create and work on file-folder in shared areas.

When we think that there are hundreds of employees in the company and unstructured data on shared areas is at terabyte levels, the question of how to manage this system comes to mind. That's where Veritas Data Insight comes in.

It learns the history of all activity (read, write, delete, create, etc.) that occurs on unstructured data and provides you with a graphical interface on browser for you to follow. Also reports access to sensitive, confidential data for the Company.

With Veritas Data Insight, you can learn about ;

  • Who is the owner of the data, who created the data,
  • Who has the last access to the data, when?
  • Read, write, delete, create operations on the data,
  • The discovery of data at risk,
  • Who is responsible for the data,
  • Important issues such as the frequency of data access


You can also notify people by creating a warning system with advanced policy and reporting features.
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