Fortilogger is a web-based logging and reporting software prepared for Fortigate Firewalls, working on  Windows Operating Systems. The software has features such as hotspot, reporting, monitoring, logging, searching/filtering.

Hotspot feature has SMS, Identity No and Captive Portal ID verification built-in.

Fortilogger also executes tasks such as backing up, signing, filtering and reporting the log files that is required for the law number 5651.

Furthermore the software can also backup the configuration of the Fortigate device and monitor your network.

Fortilogger is offered with monthly subscription fee model for the devices that is Fortigate-1000 Series or lower. It supports fortiOS 5.2.6 and above firmware versions.

To benefit from Hotspot feature and other advanced features, it is recommended to use FortiOS 5.6.0 or a higher version.