Enterprise Vault is a communication within and between institutions; e-mail system. When we need information, share information or make any requests, we can do all this via the email system.

In the e-mail system, we sometimes increase storage costs by sharing users' personal information and sometimes by storing advertising and unnecessary information e-mails in system resources.

E-mail systems increase storage costs by sharing users’ personal information and by storing advertising and unnecessary information in system resources. This is where you can avoid these problems with Veritas Enterprise Vault, which is the most widely used in the archiving solution class.

Veritas Enterprise Vault software provides a flexible archiving structure that allows content to be discovered in email, file sharing environments, and helps reduce storage costs and simplify management.

Veritas Enterprise Vault manages content by automatically and with policy-controlled systems, archiving of online content to online repositories for efficient retention and uninterrupted information retrieval.

·       It is designed to provide the ability to securely store archived data to make full use of it or terminate it when it is no longer needed.

·       It is designed to reduce storage costs by 60% - 90% with sole copy storage by compressing and deduplicating archived data from the customer source.

·       Enterprise Vault indexes the archived data for fast recovery.

·       It is designed to allow the data classification (e-mail, file sharing environments) required by the institutions in the GDPR process in an automated and policy-controlled manner.

You can contact us if you want to benefit from Veritas Enterprise Vault's opportunities, cost and time savings while increasing performance.